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Legislative Scholarship

Please take advantage of Delegate Simmons' legislative scholarship, which serves as a crucial means to empower aspiring students demonstrating exceptional academic promise and dedication to their studies. The scholarship helps alleviate the financial burdens that often hinder students from pursuing higher education. They enable students from various socioeconomic backgrounds to access quality education, enriching our learning environments and fostering a more equitable society.

Moreover, Delegate Simmons' legislative scholarship contributes to the development of future leaders and innovators. By investing in the education of talented individuals, we are nurturing the intellectual capital essential for addressing the challenges of tomorrow and driving positive change in our communities.

Take advantage of the 2024-25 Delegate Simmons' scholarship, reinforcing his commitment to prioritizing education as a fundamental cornerstone of societal advancement.

As he continues to invest in education, let him reaffirm his commitment to providing opportunities that empower individuals to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society


The Application is now available
Please visit MHEC's website for further requirements:

Visit Website


To those who apply after the deadline, you will be placed on a waiting list. 


Aplica para la Beca Legislativa


La aplicación esta disponible

 visíte la Website the MHEC  para los requerimientos especiales


Visite la pagina Web

para aquellos que aplican después del 30 de abril, seran colocados en una lista de espera. 


Delegate Gary Simmons

(410) 841-3581

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